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Add your voice to our vibrant climate change community

Find like-minded members in our community - coordinate with them for collective initiatives to reduce GhG emissions in your country and around the world. 

Learn, share knowledge, debate. Contribute through individual and collective action to fighting against the climate crisis.

Engage in a fruitful conversation about climate change: problems and solutions. Lead with your thoughts and voice.

NOCO2's Climate Change Manifesto


Focus on JOININ​G and MULTIPLYING forces. 
Mobilise society for C​LIMATE ACTION.
The net zero ro​adma​p ​must be ACCELERA​TED. 
DON'T DELAY ACTION​​​: every minute results in higher future costs.

1.- Both individual and collective action are necessary. Government, business, civil society, and each person will have to contribute, coordinate and find ways to work together if we want to avert further global warming better.

2.- Further coordinate global policies related to climate change with the convergence of pathways reaching global net zero by 2050.

3.- Governments can and should accelerate the implementation of their NDCs (Paris Agreement (Article 4, paragraph 2)).

4.- Promote private sector investment in the green economy. Speed up the transition out of the fossil fuel economy.

5.- Let and help the planet heal. Restore ocean habitats and protect terrestrial ecosystems.

Contribute your comments to our insights

We are always interested in learning more about you and your interests in relation to climate change-related topics. Please help us improve our services and offerings by leaving a comment in the blog posts below or by providing feedback through the contact form below. 

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