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Five ClimateTech Questions

Existing sources of greenhouse gases

How much greenhouse gas is emitted by the things we do?

A framework to analyze climate change

I "borrow" Bill Gates' framework from his book "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster."

  1. How much of the 51 billion tons are we talking about? (amount of GHG reduced as a percentage of the total annual 51 billion tons in the atmosphere). Breakthrough energy targets technologies that could remove at least 500m tons per year, i.e., 1% of the total.

  2. What's your plan for cement? (comprehensive strategy for addressing all categories of activities that contribute to emissions).

  3. How much power are we talking about?

  4. How much space do you need?

  5. How much is this going to cost? (and how much more vs. existing solutions, i.e., green premium)


"The key to addressing climate change is to make clean energy just as cheap and reliable as what we get from fossil fuels."

Bill Gates


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