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Forest Sunrays

we are noco2

We connect companies and individuals willing to reduce and offset their carbon emissions with verified and certified emissions reduction projects

We aim to become a B Certified company


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Enabling a  green economy through the planting of native species forests. 
We plan to plant 1m trees alongside coastal areas, in a globally cost-competitive manner and contribute to the removal of 7 million tons of CO2. This will Indirectly create positive externalities for the local economy worth aprox. USD 1.7bn. We will reinvest most of the profits into R&D partnerships with local institutions to develop world class technologies to afforest anywhere by using, when possible, low-cost floating solar pumps to extract sea water, solar mobile units to desalinate it and to use such water to irrigate native species planted along the shoreline. 

The presence of native vegetation along the shoreline permanently contributes to the promotion of biodiversity, containment of wind, reduces soil erosion[1], improves air quality, reduces greenhouse emissions, sustains new wildlife and/or recreational areas all along the coastline areas, enabling sports activities such as outdoor running,  and increased tourism. A by-product will be the availability of electricity and the storage of freshwater for other uses, including agriculture.



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