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Earth Day?: More Trees Day!

Unfortunately, we have had to introduce a specific date to remind us how important our home planet is. As we all know, our planet will probably survive most scenarios that could lead to the extinction of humanity; nevertheless caring for our habitat seems the least that we should do to subsist and potentially thrive and become an interplanetary species.

In terms of climate change and decarbonization, planting and maintaining trees and forests seems the sensible (given the current technological constraints), thing to do to remove GHG emissions from our atmosphere, and keep the temperature from continuing to increase.

Trees Windshield Ketrawe Bolivia

Grow More Trees, Heal the Planet: Partner with NOCO2

At NOCO2, we're a revolutionary agroforestry startup empowering farmers and restoring the Earth. We plant native trees alongside existing crops, creating a win-win-win situation:

  • Farmers benefit from:

  • Increased crop yields: Trees act as windshields, protecting crops and boosting harvests.

  • Reduced fertilizer costs: Trees enrich the soil, naturally reducing fertilizer needs.

  • Improved water conservation: Trees help retain moisture, saving water and irrigation costs.

  • The planet benefits from:

  • Increased biodiversity: Native trees attract pollinators and beneficial insects, fostering a healthy ecosystem.

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, mitigating climate change.

  • Local communities benefit from:

  • Job creation: We provide opportunities for seed collection, seedling care, planting, and tree maintenance.

Join the movement! Donate through our store to plant more trees and empower farmers while healing our planet. Every contribution makes a difference.

Call to Action (CTA):  Donate Now & Make a Real Impact! ⬅️

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